The Kindness Economy: why doing good is good business

A talk by Jonathan Davies and Sanjay Lobo
Great British Entrepreneur Awards and onHand

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About this talk

In this free session, the Great British Entrepreneur Awards will speak with the multi-award winning founder of onHand, Sanjay Lobo, about the power of engaging employees with Purpose.

According to Deloitte, 77% of employees say volunteering is "essential to employee wellbeing", 70% want to do more and a further 80% intend to take positive action in their community post Covid. For those employers that meet this need for Purpose, Deloitte reports an "unprecedented" rise in employee loyalty at a level not seen since their annual surveys began. Put simply, business can no longer ignore the needs of society and the desire from their employees to work somewhere that has an impact on society's greatest issues.

In this session, Sanjay will talk about the rise of civil good, the impact on business and how employers can harness that desire to create incredibly strong teams. Sanjay will offer tips on employee engagement that work in the remote working world, touch on how doing good impacts wellbeing and ultimately how you can build a stronger company - both with employees and with customers - by embracing social impact.

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